New Trustico® Products & Services

Investing $600k Toward New Systems

As a market leader for online security services for businesses and one of the largest SSL retailers globally, Trustico® today announced a strategic rollout of new products, services and platforms to significantly enhance its global exposure and strengthen its presence in the European and Asia Pacific markets.

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Kontakta för ytterligare samråd med oss i Kontakt

For the past 2 years Trustico® has been working behind the scenes to bring a range of new products and services to market. In December 2016 Trustico® will launch a new reseller system offering the full range of Symantec® and Comodo® security solutions to its resellers and retail customers.

As a market leader, Trustico® continues its commitment to develop robust, secure and unique systems. Earlier in 2016 Trustico® scrapped development of various systems that didn't meet its quality and security guidelines. To date Trustico® has invested in excess of USD $600,000 to develop and launch it's new systems and has further entered into an initial maintenance commitment to the value of USD $120,000 for the proceeding 12 months.

Security is important and surprisingly there are unscrupulous vendors within the SSL Certificate industry with insecure, outdated and vulnerable systems. Some of these vendors concentrate on driving prices down, resulting in the inability to invest on measures to secure its own customer data or their systems. Some have no regard to securing their systems at all. Trustico® endeavors never to be one of them.

Supporting The Hosting Industry

In August 2016 Trustico® provisioned Trustico® Web Services (TWS) with the role of facilitating our existing presence within the hosting market, as well as support newly developed tools, resources and modules relevant for use within the hosting industry. TWS has entered into various partnership agreements with long standing hosting companies to further support and facilitate its future operations.

Various new hosting solutions are now available via the Trustico® retail website and partner website.

Comodo® SSL Certificates Available To Resellers In 2016

To facilitate our partnership with Comodo® a new reseller platform has been under planning and development for more than 2 years. As a result of expanding the products and services Trustico® that will offer, the existing Trustico® reseller system will be retired and replaced with the newly developed platform in December 2016.

The new platform allows resellers to host their ordering pages at Trustico® whilst taking advantage of using a newly developed and revamped white label solution. There have also been major enhancements to the Trustico® API to offer full functionality of transparent account, ordering and billing management.

The Official Trustico® WHMCS Module

In September 2016 TWS developed and made available the Official Trustico® WHMCS module, handling everything from sign up to termination, WHMCS is a powerful automation & support tool. The Official Trustico® WHMCS Module works seamlessly with Trustico® reseller accounts, enabling automated issuance of SSL Certificates via the WHMCS ordering system and the Trustico® API.

New Trustico® Intermediate Certificates

Trustico® has entered into an agreement to obtain its own Intermediate Certificates in 2017, so that it may provide both Trustico® branded SSL Certificates and white labeled SSL Certificates to its reseller base. The new white labeled solutions are geared toward its partners within the hosting industry, whereby hosting companies can choose to obtain their own Intermediate Certificate and sell under their own brand.